North Carolina's Climate Future Is On The Ballot

2019 was the hottest year at the end of the hottest decade on record. North Carolina needs leaders committed to combating climate change, protecting our air and water from pollution and reducing the carbon emissions that contribute to more severe storms, flooding and sea level rise, and extreme heat.

North Carolina Democrats are standing up for our environment and clean energy investments because protecting our air, water, and natural places is good for our state, our economy, and the health and well-being of North Carolinians. We need leaders that will combat climate change by holding polluters accountable for the damage they are causing.

Yvonne Lewis Holley for Lieutenant Governor

The Leader North Carolina Needs

As Lieutenant Governor, Holley will work to bring opportunity to North Carolinians so they can access quality education, affordable healthcare, and good-paying jobs.

A Climate Champion

Democrat Yvonne Lewis Holley understands the impact the impact the fossil fuel industry has on North Carolina’s air and water. As Lieutenant Governor, Holley will support expanding renewable energy sources to replace polluting energy sources that are harmful to North Carolinians.

Kirk deViere for State Senate District 19

The Leader North Carolina Needs

Democrat State Senator Kirk deViere is a father, a Veteran, and a local business owner. From supporting Medicaid expansion to advocating for better pay for our teachers, deViere fights to improve the lives of North Carolinians.

A Climate Champion

No North Carolinian should have to question the safety of their drinking water. Kirk deViere will hold corporations accountable for damage caused by harmful pollutants.

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